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Gusto With a Dash of Crazy

      No matter how many times I put pen to paper or open a new blank document, the feeling of creating something from nothing makes my mind unsettled. Or perhaps it is what I want to write is there, but it feels hidden. Either way, there is an awkward pause where my mind goes BLANK. Don’t you just hate that?

Here is a fun fact! Professional artists and storytellers at Pixar (and those alike) would tell you it still happens to them, and often! Can you believe it?! After YEARS of practicing the art of creating and doing it very successfully, the blank page is still daunting to even professionals. Perhaps this isn’t quite so fascinating to you, but I can’t help but wonder- why on earth is it so daunting to create something out of nothing or unearth the hidden ideas in the back of our minds?

Sure, it is absolutely terrifying to put yourself out there through the work you’re creating. Yes, the imposter syndrome can feel strong. However, these two ideals don’t have much to do with the initial effort to start creating. People create all the time still feeling fearful or like an imposter. My honest guess is it comes from the desire we all possess to do something that has value and is full of purpose. 

The door to possibility is like a wide open door to literally everything. In a way it’s almost too fantastical that we prefer the predictable and safe well beaten path. It is less risky to let others make the significant reach, or not create at all. There are loads of people out there who have simply never ventured outside of what has already been done. This is fine, but you have something unique to offer and there are people out there looking for it! 

Don’t hear me saying we should always be open to recreating the wheel for the sake of originality. Structures and formulas for music and writing, for instance, are invaluable. What I am saying is, we should seriously consider the risks we are afraid of taking with the Lord, and at times have the discernment to throw our cautions to the wind.

Creating from nothing is like a muscle you have to build. People who work for places like Pixar or other successful creative businesses have a gusto that borders on crazy. In fact, it’s necessary they do or they never would have taken the risks it took to get to where they are today! There’s something in them that looked at a high risk idea and said, “What the heck, let’s go for it!” So here are the questions I’ll leave you with…

What fills you with gusto that borders on crazy? What risks are you actually afraid of taking? If you weren’t afraid, what next steps would you take with the Lord?