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My Voyager Story


The Voyager is symbolic of the brave risk taker inside us all. Whatever the Lord is calling out in you or calling you towards, this is your encouragement to go for it!



A note from the Artist: After creating the voyager journal I wanted to do more with the story. I love clothing and stickers with a message so I decided to work with artist Taylor Penton and I shared my voyager story (read below). He created the graphics you see on the voyager collection, all based on what the Lord shared with me! They are amazing! You should definitely check our his work and shop the Voyager collection for the stickers, T-shirts and BRAND NEW hoodie that dropped today (1/23)!


My Voyager Story:

Maybe you can relate? It was a season of my life when fear of risk, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, and fear of not being enough was holding me back but I felt the Lord calling me out. 

One evening I was praying about how to make this jump and as I did, I saw a tiny sailboat riding massive storm waves. Sailing the boat was a young girl in a yellow beanie (symbolic of me as a child and the yellow beanie symbolic of a crowning of faith and the Glory of God, anointing, and Joy). She was full of wonder and faith in the Lord. Fully embracing the adventure and thriving as the height of the waves sent her boat flying down the drops. As I watched her I heard the Lord in his proud papa voice call her “Brave” and “Risk taker”. She road the waves with a fearless joy and it was evident the Lord was with her and knew that what he said about her was true. She was brave and a risk taker.

After journaling this prayer time I knew I had to take the next steps. To begin to step out in faith towards the risks I was afraid to take. That was 2018 and I am a different person now!  It used to be that I really had to trust that what Lord was calling out in me was true. And somewhere deep down inside me I’d eventually find it? I was tired of this.

It took more mental and emotional energy to keep traveling up and down the neurological pathway of “I don’t know. I’m afraid. What if I…”. Little by little the part of me that was afraid and unsure sounded like a broken record. I found myself wandering to another thought often. In truth, my fear of staying the same at the time is partially what helped me discover the part of me that WAS ready.

After stepping out and trusting the Lord with the risks I deeply desired to take, I became an artist in the Kingdom, a business owner for the Kingdom, left my full time job, married an incredible man who challenges me. My love for the Word and relationship with the Holy Spirit is stronger. I didn’t just step out into the risk, I matured through it, and still am.  In the process of all this, that picture of the child in a yellow beanie has stuck with me and still challenges me. 

 My hope is that it challenges and encourages others as well! Whether you are: young and underestimated, battling a habit or addiction that feels like you’ll never overcome, or you are an entrepreneur and have NO idea what you are doing, are debating taking a job that will change everything, thinking of going back to school, of moving, doing mission work, or maybe you’re stepping into parenthood, or perhaps you’re doing major heart work and healing right now…

Ask the Lord what he says about you and if you feel like he is calling you out, be brave! Take the risk in faith. The Lord knows what is ahead for you and he is calling something out in you because he sees it in you already!

I am so grateful for this Voyager design by Taylor Penton! I love it, and I hope you do too! If you have a voyager story and any Voyager apparel or stickers, share them on Instagram! I’d love to hear your story and see you repping the brand!