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I’m Making the Executive Decision That February Is a Fresh Start…

Dear reader,

I have spent some time thinking about how to re-launch this blog and the truth is, I don’t actually want to relaunched it (just sounds like a lot of work). However, I’d like to share about my entrepreneurial journey, a bit of my story occasionally, and parts of my day-to-day with you as I seek the Lord and try to figure it out as I go!

I used to hope inspiration would strike and then I’d write about it. That NEVER worked. Should have seen that one coming. Then I thought I needed to find my writers voice before I could spend time writing blogs, but I think the only way to find it is if I just start writing… you see where this is headed.

So, here is my goal. I want this blog to be something that you enjoy reading once a week (perhaps every Wednesday) whenever you take a tea or coffee break during your busy day. I think it best, and I promise, to keep it short and sweet, and hopefully, entertaining and encouraging! So let’s begin. I’ll make some tea and then catch you up on the start of my new year. It’s been an adventure…



***The kettle is heating up***

Just so you know, for honesty purposes,… I did actually go make a cup of tea before continuing. And when I was done, I realized I had put water, lemon and honey but no teabag.

*** Teabag secured. I went for a black tea 🤌🏼***



I’m gonna paint a picture here and in case you’ve not caught on, my tone is very light hearted. So read this with some humor…

The adventure began with the start of the new year, 2024. I have left my full-time job, and soon after my car broke down. It was in the shop for a while but it’s fine, I work from home now! I am pursuing my small business (it had the most profitable month ever without doing markets and normally, it makes little to nothing in January). Praise! Then, as the month is winding down, I turned 29 and discovered I enjoy cooking when I’m good at it. This was encouraging.

Fast forward a day, we woke up to over 11 inches of snow that lasted for over a week (yes we did make a snowman ☃️), which means the roads were iced over because Tennessee is NOT prepared for snow. After two days of the freezing temps, our heat went out (twice) and our house was 48 degrees inside. If you don’t own a heating blanket, you should maybe consider getting one. 

Naturally we made some calls and while a kind gentleman was at our house fixing our heat, my industrial paper cutter (the one with a massive blade that can cut through a phone book), accidentally fell on three of my fingers. I’ll spare you but let’s just say my bone stopped the blade. Tragic. I didn’t handle it well. We left the stranger at our house to fix our heat while we rushed out (we had a good feeling about him?). Were the roads dangerously icy and most emergency walk-in clinics closing around this time/ didn’t have any numbing agent? Yes.

To wrap up the month, thankfully, I did not end up needing stitches and I fully believe it’s because we prayed over my fingers! Power of prayer, people 🙌🏻 My fingers are currently unusable, but healing well and I am convinced my husband is the kindest and most considerate soul I’ve ever met!

To follow that up, our dryer broke so EVERYTHING has to hang dry. Going through this process with two hands is already fun, but with one hand it takes exactly as long as you think it would. Then Monday night, my car broke down again and needs a new motor.  Now I am carless and my text thread with my husband is all cars for sale. 

The End. 

Honestly, it all sounds like a lot when I write it out and add it all up, but I think to maintain, we have not kept a record of one thing happening after another.  This has been helpful for moving forward and dealing with the random things that come up! I hope the start of your new year has been off to a fantastic start and that your new year’s resolution of going to the gym more can pick back up in February because mine definitely will!

Here’s to a fresh start in February!