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Sunshine and Costco in the evening


*journaling can be a creative way to use space 


It is amazing how the sun impacts us.

In Tennessee, cloudy skies and bitter cold temps, for more than a day, makes some people wonder if they have seasonal depression.

Then there’s snow!

A few days of snow and every one is thrilled with the joy of experiencing the silence, sledding, snowball fights, and how remarkably bright it is outside as the light reflects everywhere.

It’s like magic.

It doesn’t seem to matter that
everything is slowly icing over
or that the sun goes down depressingly early.
We are making memories!
people start to miss the more comfortable tempts.

When will spring be coming?

It starts with losing fascination with the snow.
Then you’re working from home.
People are becoming increasingly unkind.
The kids are out of school. Still.
People everywhere are stuck inside feeling cooped up, and suddenly, you’re due for a grocery run.
And it dawns on you, we aren’t prepared for this.

Eventually, those gung-ho neighbors down the street pull out their fancy heavy machinery! And boyyy was it was their time to shine! They finally got to show their wives their purchase was worth it.

The roads become somewhat more accessible

and the sun begins to melt away the ice.

Parents everywhere rejoice as schools reopen!

The birds are out and singing and

warm weather people come alive again!

Spring may actually be coming.

This last Saturday was stunningly beautiful.
It was a ‘leave the front door open and let the light in’ kind of day.

It seemed people everywhere were refreshed. So refreshed that when Sunday came, everyone was ready to launch!

Fellowship Middlebrooke church was packed. People left and right were circling for parking spots or making their own anywhere they could find.

Then, late in the evening, everyone had migrated to Costco.        We are all good on a budget till the sun comes out!

But who cares. The sun is out and it feels just around the corner…

Spring is coming.