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Worship + Creativity

    I’ve been thinking about worship and its relationship to creativity. The question in our hearts as creatives and artists, is will my work matter? Do I belong? And I can’t help but ask, why do we fear so much that it won’t? Where does the question of value and belonging come from? Why is there doubt rather than peace and confidence?

When creating from a place of performance or striving, I find myself wrestling with these questions. Worth and value are measured by how others enjoy what we create. But what if it was meant to be the other way around?

What if, because I know I am enjoyed/valued, I create. When I am accepted and I belong, I can create out of connection and wholeness rather than for it. Did you feel the pressure just lift off? The risk of failure becomes a privilege; a necessary part of the process. Friends, fear and doubt were never meant to be our launch pad.

The Father’s delight is and always has been the place. It’s the place we rest. It’s the place we persevere. It’s the place we create. And it’s the place we worship. When we find ourselves taking delight in God while creating, there is this BEAUTIFUL abandonment; this mystery where deep is crying out to deep. It’s as simple as not hiding behind your gift and pouring it back out on Him because it’s your delight. THAT is worship.

Stephen Roach said it this way, “If God is our creator then creativity is our birthright as his children.”  It is pretty cool that God would call us deeper into our creative identities that we might know and be known by Him.