SALE! Use code PINK25! to get 25% off PINK and PEACH Voyager journals


For wholesale to apply, all purchases must meet a $500 requirement. As a wholesale buyer, you will receive a discount code that will give you 40% off retail pricing. * Email for pricing sheet.

After purchase, an additional display for each item you purchased is offered with a 60% discount. If interested, I will follow up with an invoice.

Payment: A 50% deposit is made upon purchase, remaining 50% is required upon order completion. Full payment is required in order for your items to be delivered. This includes the display items. *No Net 30.

Customization: If you are looking for a branded logo, the purchase of the necessary stamp is outside my domain and you are responsible for getting the stamp. Of course, I am happy to recommend a stamp maker!

Please note: allow for a minimum of three weeks to prepare your leather order. If you are ordering journals with lined paper or a custom stamp, this will extend your timeline. Upon resale, I ask that you do not price items lower than their listed retail price.