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The Dear Little…
The Dear Little…
The Dear Little…

The Dear Little…

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The Dear Little…

Size: 4 1/4 w x 5 h

Key features: Four bindings, Silver snap

Leather: Light brown Denvor leather


The Dear Little is inspired by Trumpkin, other wise known as the D.L.F ( Dear little friend) by the Pevensie children. Trumpkin is the one who does not believe in lions. More specifically, Aslan, the great lion. The dwarf admits he has only heard stories of the great lion and never seen a lion for himself, but he says if Aslan were real, “…what’s to prevent him having gone wild and witless like so many others?” – Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

Trumpkin may not put his faith in Aslan or fully believe he’s real, but he has formed his own ideas about Aslan based on the fact that he seems to be missing when their world needs him. His preconceived notions are like a wall. Why put faith and hope in someone he can’t see, can’t hear and the stories about him date back to the days of old? But that’s the thing about a lot of second hand information and no first hand encounters. It has a way of adding up and still falling short of the real thing.

When the great lion and Trumpkin do meet face to face, Aslan says “And now, where is this little dwarf, this famous swordsman and archer, who doesn’t believe in lions?”

Aslan called Trumpkin out to meet him as the very things he used as reasons to put his own confidence in himself. But Aslan didn’t scold him for this or his doubt. Nor did Aslan come as this serious kingly leadership figure. Instead, the great lion showed the dwarf he was good, and indeed wild, by playing with him. When Aslan sets Trumpkin down after picking him up and tossing him playfully in the air, Aslan asks the shaken dwarf, “…son of earth, shall we be friends?” They indeed become dear friends because Aslan often goes and visits the dwarf and tells him stories of all going on in Narnia.


God -

Stir a spiritual curiosity in me that leads me to keep asking questions. Teach me your voice and help me to recognize your presence. Lord, tell me what’s on your mind. Jesus, I want to trust in your character and to know you as a friend. Show me how you’re like a King and show me how you care for the sparrows. Show me how your run and play with the eagles, and what makes you laugh in true delight. Continue to break through my walls and preconceived notions, reminding me who I am as your beloved. Use my imagination to get past my head, to my heart and help me set aside every lie or falsehood that does not stand up with your character. Amen.