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The Lucy
The Lucy
The Lucy

The Lucy

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The Lucy

Size: 4.5 w x 6 h

Key features: Four bindings, Silver snap

Leather: Light brown Denvor leather

The Lucy Journal

“Oh, children,” said the Lion, “I feel my strength coming back to me. Oh, children, catch  me if you can!” He stood for a second, his eyes very bright, his limbs quivering, lashing himself with his tail. Then he made a leap high over their heads and landed on the other side of the Table. Laughing, though she didn’t know why, Lucy scrambled over it to reach him…It was such a romp as no one has ever had expect in Narnia; and whether it was more like playing with a thunderstorm or playing with a kitten Lucy could never make up her mind.” – The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Lucy accepts Aslan and Narnia at face value from the start. She is a true believer, of the best sort. She looks at Aslan with a childlike faith and believes in her heart that while he is not safe, he is good. She is the character that is consistently able to follow him and speak the truth, even when she is not listened to. The gifts that she are given are more subtle than a sword or bow and arrows, but, they speak to her compassion and her ability to believe better of others. She faces her own share of challenges and in those moments, she consistently goes back to a path of forgiveness and pointing out the truth to others in a gentle way.

Lucy is called Lucy the Valiant in the books (one who possesses courage or determination) and it is Aslan that calls her to lean into that courage. In moments where she is faced with following the path of the others or following Aslan, he helps her to see it isn’t her place to think about the things that would have happened, only to follow him and do what is right.

Aslan wasn’t angry with Lucy when she had her doubts and her foibles, rather he called her to be more. To lean into her confidence in him, lean into the truth that she knows is there, and lean into following his voice. He knows as she leans more into him, a truer version of who she is begins to emerge.


Thank You that You equip me with the gifts that I need when I need them, because You are a gift and every good and perfect thing comes from you. Thank You that You will renew a steadfast spirit within me. Thank You for creating each of us  in such unique ways, yet you are weaving us together so that we are able to do more together than apart. Renew a valiant spirit within me. Help me to see that as I follow You, You are shaping me into the person that I was always called to be. Amen.