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The Professor (Digory)
The Professor (Digory)
The Professor (Digory)

The Professor (Digory)

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The Professor

Size: 6.5 w x 9.75 h

Key features: Six bindings, Brass snap, lined pages

Leather: Light brown Denvor leather


The Professor (DIGORY)

“When Aslan said you could never go back to Narnia, he meant the Narnia you were thinking of. But that was not the real Narnia. That had a beginning and an end. It was only a shadow or a copy of the real Narnia which has always been here and always will be here: just as our own world, England and all, is only a shadow or copy of something in Aslan’s real world. You need not mourn over Narnia, Lucy. All of the old Narnia that mattered, all the dear creatures, have been drawn into the real Narnia through the Door. And of course it is different; as different as a real thing is from a shadow or as waking life is from a dream.” – The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

Digory is one of the first characters that meets Narnia and Aslan. In fact, Digory was there when Narnia was first sung into existence by the Great Lion. Digory did not have as many return trips to Narnia as the Pevensie children, but, Digory always held the truths of Narnia inside of himself.  In Digory we see a character that has a noble goal from the start (to save his mother from dying), but, it is still a self-motivated goal. And in pursuit of this goal he brings evil into a brand new creation. However when confronted with the effects of his actions, Digory puts aside his own pursuits. And instead begins a journey to rectify his mistake and provide protection to this brand new world of Narnia. But ultimately the protection of Narnia means that he has to cast away the last hope of saving his own Mother. Digory makes the choice and chooses the good of the whole, over the good of himself.

Aslan meets Digory in this moment and reveals that the Great Lion himself deeply understands the cost of Digory’s choice and Aslan meets Digory in his sorrow. Aslan sits with Digory in his grief and helps Digory to realize that ultimately if he had made that selfish choice, it would have led he and his mother on a tarnished journey with more sorrow. But then, Aslan acknowledges the choice that Digory has made and tells him that because he made the right choice, he will now be freely given hope and restoration. Aslan helps Digory to see that things must always work in the way they are intended, but, if the intention behind it is based in self, that choice’s results will become stunted and twisted. Digory is forever changed by his encounter with Aslan, he never forgets what he learned and he holds these truths near to his soul for the rest of his days. In fact, when he is an elderly professor he meets four young children who have also gotten into the land of Narnia. Digory meets their doubts and instead encourages them to lean into the hope that this land exists and pursue the wonders of it,  just as he did.


Thank You for being there at the beginning of my story just as You will be there at the end. Help me to not lose the truths that You have already shown to me. Help me to remember them when things are at the most desperate. I ask that You meet me in my places of doubt and show me how You have always been faithful and how You have always been trustworthy. Amen.


“His voice stirred everyone like a trumpet as he spoke with these words: but when he added under his breath “it’s all in Plato, all in Plato: bless me, what do they teach them at these schools!” the older ones laughed. It was so exactly like the sort of thing they had heard him say long ago in that other world where his beard was gray instead of golden. He knew why they were laughing and joined in the laugh himself. But very quickly they all became grave again: for, as you know, there is a kind of happiness and wonder that makes you serious. It is too good to waste on jokes.” – The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis